About Us Chafin Consulting Group is a healthcare consulting firm focused on strategic business planning and market analysis, using business analytics to drive strategic decisions.  Our team of experts help clients solve challenges unique to the industry every day and provide a competitive advantage to our clients through strategic planning, market analysis and operational improvement projects. Our clients include a wide array of healthcare providers, including integrated health systems, sole community hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, home health agencies, ambulatory care centers and long-term care facilities across the U.S.  
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Experienced industry professionals

We bring together a team of experienced, independent consultants dedicated to assisting our clients with the identification,  collection and analyses of information that is key to making important strategic business decisions.  We understand the continuing evolution of the healthcare marketplace and are committed to assisting our clients in developing the strategy and processes necessary for success and delivering a high level of quality care.  As independent consultants, we are involved in all phases of the project, including data collection, analysis, and strategic recommendations. 

Growth and expansion - data driven healthcare

We recognize that data is a strategic asset in today’s healthcare environment.  Collection and proper analysis is the key to successful business decisions.  Chafin Consulting’s expertise in using data to identify areas for successful expansion and growth gives our clients the ability to make effective, sound business decisions time after time. Member of:  Association of Healthcare Executives  Georgia Association of Healthcare Executives  Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development
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