Services We concentrate on providing the information and analysis that our clients need to anticipate changes in the healthcare marketplace and to build and implement a customized business strategy for increasing bottom line revenues.  The services we offer take into account the data-driven transformation of today’s healthcare marketplace.
Certificate of Need Development and Litigation Support Our understanding of healthcare markets, reimbursement changes, and the regulatory environment enables us to provide sound strategic advice to clients requiring CON approval for projects.  We have the expertise to provide a full range of services to our clients, including CON strategy, CON development, and litigation support, including expert witness testimony. Physician Need Analysis Chafin Consulting Group has the expertise to provide healthcare organizations with a  community-based physician need analysis that complies with government regulations (CMS’ Stark Regulations) regarding physician recruitment and incentives.  Our expanded physician need analysis documents the need for additional physicians in a community and addresses an organization’s physician recruitment strategy by including interviews with hospital administration, board members, and physicians in the community as part of the data collection process.  We assist our clients with updating medical staff development plans on an ongoing basis to ensure that appropriate numbers and specialties of physicians are available in the service area.     Service Line Analysis & Forecasting Detailed market analysis and volume projections by service line allow healthcare organizations to plan the strategic direction of the organization.  We analyze our clients role in the marketplace and develop volume projections by department for each service line.  The projected volume by service line is then used to define required capacity and space planning as well as market strategy.  Our market analysis services also include site location analysis.

Marketing Strategy & Analysis

Market Demographic Analysis

Medical Staff Development Planning Master Facilities Planning Site Location Analysis

Population Health Management

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